Saturday, February 02, 2008

If I ever have to really explain why I’ll never be a part of the Global left or any of the Progressive socialist movements this will be the reason why…..

Read on Dad…..

In Iraq, one of the few suicide bombs to go off lately, Two women walk into an out door market for pets…. (sounds like the opening to a joke) Then explode. Much is made in the initial news reports from the chattering classes about how it was women and even Women are members of the Global Islamic movement. But wait later on we have later news that comes out that lets us Know just how Evil, these sick fucks are.

So they’ve run out of teenage kids and others they can con into it, (“Achmed, just wear this heavy vest and go get is a couple of falafel burgers from that stand over there”) to getting a mentally retarded girl to carry the package for you.

(And people whine about waterboarding I tell ya…)

But wait the story doesn’t end there because Via

It turns out the girls used by the insurgents weren’t really people at all!!!
Wow how…Progressive… I love how the National Socialists are bringing back the golden oldies, how retro,

One of the Greatest Victories of the Left was they were able to disassociate themselves from their Nazi Forbears, but no mater how much Pinefresh air freshener (now 85% organic!) they spray on this turd, it still the same shit.