Monday, November 01, 2004

T'was the Night before...

10:30 the night before the election and I’m up doing my homework.

My voting homework.

The First time I voted I walked into the booth and closed the curtain. Placed my happy little butterfly ballot in the machine and turned the first page. Real ballots you Florida morons. Put the fucking card in the slot; make sure you have both red tabs through the guide holes punch the pin ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I never could figure out why the Mormons in Utah had no problem bottoming out when Floridians couldn’t get it all the way in.
Any way…
Then I turned the next page, and the next and the next….No one had ever explained to me before that not only do you have the Federal and State positions to vote for, but you also have propositions and judges and dogcatchers to vote for also. So now I sit up the night before and read all the information I can on the local stuff. Just so I can drive my little voting pin ALL THE WAY THROUGH the right hole. And just so I can say I made my bet….I’m supporting Bush.
I think the race is too close to be called. But the Iowa Market closed tonight with Bush up so that’s a plus. And Real Clear Politics at the last polls I saw showed that Bush could probably lose another .5% in all the states and still win. So I’ll call it for Bush with 289 electorial votes and 49% of total votes with Kerry in a near tie and Nader and the Libertarians and what not taking the rest.
I think Kerry winning could be the best thing to happen to the Democrats in a long time.

I think Kerry losing could be the best thing to happen to the Democrats in a long time.

Either way I think this will be a good year for the country. Bush wins and we keep on fighting terrorism. Kerry wins and the Democratic Party has to realized how fucked up they are to nominate a guy like him. My bet is the man is impeached or gone in the first year. (I heard some great conspiracy theories on that one…)
Kerry looses and the Democrats have an absolute conniption trying to figure out how they lost to Bush. Hopefully they’ll look in the mirror before they start looking for the Karl Rove Konspiracy Krew.
Anyway I’ll probably be up to 3 in the morning again tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!Oh and BTW….PUSH ALL THE WAY THROUGHCLEAN OFF ANY LOOSE CHADSAnd if we have some damn state fuck this up again with little old ladies crying that they couldn’t understand the instructions or people didn’t know where to go or how to vote, I will personally drive to your state in my little black truck and execute every last one of you mother fuckers….