Saturday, June 25, 2005


It Begins


You very rarely see a Supreme Court case that so many people know about then Kelo
Nearly every person I know heard about this ruling and was against it. Even those people I know purposely ignore the news. We were talking about it at work, at the restraunt, at the bar. Everywhere. And that is because this is a case that affects EVERYONE. And for the worse. The Courts ruling on Kelo undermines the entire fabric of western Civilization. Simply put, what yours is not yours, but only granted to you by the blessings of the state. With this ruling, an elected body can seize property, your property, and give it to someone else. It's as simple as that. Joe Business man can walk down to City hall, Cut a check for the mayor's re-election fund and point to your house on the map and say, "give me that." Our economy is very much based on the fact that people can own things, Property, the houses on that property, your car, clothes. You, the individual perform a service and trade that service for things you need or want. You can safely "store" wealth in such things as goods a property to use as your retirement, an emergency, or pass on to your kids. The future unintended consequences start coming into play once well meaning people start screwing with individual for the common good. Air pollution is a problem? I'll impound any car over 10 years old. Give you the blue book value (low of course), and send it to the junkyard. You now get to take your $500 dollars and walk down to a dealer to buy a new car. But you won't be able to afford one. Because the cheapest newest car runs about $8000 and if you could afford one you'd have one. Then there is the whole supply and demand thing, but I don't want to go into that.

But hey, that's what we got public transportation for.
Lenders will have to start jacking up interest rates for houses that are in urban areas. Reason? Because the house now has an increased risk. Not just because of the possibility of default. But now there is a chance that the house will be condemned. Even if the state pays the owner enough to pay off the debt, the loan gets paid off early with is not a good thing for lenders. Some times it is, because they can now lend the money out at a higher rate. But even then, they'll be lending LESS because less people will be able to afford to borrow at the higher rate.

Are you starting to see where this is going?This isn't just about Wal-Mart. This is BIGGER then Wal-Mart.The true Loons on the Left are crowing about how great this is, I wonder how many thought it was a bad idea until they saw who had voted what? I know several of my lefty friends thought the EVIL conservatives on the bench had supported this ruling. Several suddenly decided to reserve judgment until they could read the briefings. But I hate to tell them, you were right the first time. It's a bad idea, SCOTUS fucked up.I'm not asking them to take the next logical step and wonder what else they could have fucked up on.

All in all, a very dangerous direction the court has taken this year. I am lighting candles for several retirements. (Wait a minute that not a candle, it’s a fuse)