Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of Writers and Writing

I get some of my best ideas in bad places. Places when I can’t write anything down, Shower, driving, that kind of stuff. I mean to carry something around with me for these moments, but I never do.

Then looking at what I do get down I tend to get a little disappointed, because it usually comes out angry. I’m angry a lot.

I get some writing done at work because I get pissed and start typing, I’m training my co-workers to not interrupt me if my typing is over 30 works a minute. Some times when they do I get pissed and hit "send". That’s not always a bad thing.

Anyway today I took time out to write an email to the son of an author that I’ve particularly admired. The Son had been releasing his fathers works on the internet, for free. I wrote him to thank him and let him know how much I liked his fathers work.

And 30 minutes later I got an email back. Thanking me and saying I’d made his day.

Which made mine.

And in finding his site I found an artist's site that had a brief attempt at making a Graphic Novel of said book. No comments though so I left one.

And between these two sites some new concepts to explore like "GTD" and "Zen to Done"

And here I was wondering what I was going to read this week

Funny how the world works that way


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