Monday, April 04, 2005

Brain Cells and Canadians

Crap, and here I was thinking I was not going to have anything to blog about this month.I am a lousy blogger. And I think one of the reasons is that blogs aren’t live journals.

Live Journals are nifty ways to have a chance to whine to all your friends at the same time, instead of having to call them up and whine separately or get together in a group and fight for attention from others.

I probably just lost friends with that last statement.

Any way, I think of blogs as the Synapses of the Neuron that is me. I interact with several blogs each day, they cover a myriad of topics, and after a while, I fire and shoot a signal down the chain and on this blog snap. This hopefully stimulates other neurons to hit their threshold levels and fire off themselves snap, snap, snap.

My problem lately is although there has been a great many things going on, I can’t seem to get myself worked up enough to fire off about them.

(I do however have a theory that we might be creating Super Blog Brains. If you’re interested, read The Wisdom of Crowds and get back me)

But tonight I think I just got triggered. I like blogs, I love them, they are the purest form of political expression I know of today. They work on the most basic of human principals and that is TRUST. Trust but verify. I can post any thing on this blog. And you, the reader, will accept it not accept it based on the trust level you have given me. You can verify my statement because a good blog will have BLUE text, denoting a link to the material cited. (MLA Nazis eat your heart out!!!). So, if I cite some thing I submit a link to the source of my information. I can then follow that source hopefully to the original source.

Modern Media, MSM, Jurassic Press or what ever you want to call them doesn’t do this. They’re limited by time constraints and the public’s attention span. So a 500-word newspaper article or a 2-minute filler piece can’t back up their statements as well as a blog can. This allows certain people with certain agendas to manipulate the public in ways that would give Goebbels a chubby.

There is also a second factor based in blogs. You have the ability to respond to what I write almost instantaneously. At the bottom of this post, there is a comment line. You can click on that and reply to my blog. All blogs have them. You can link to this blog and point out how much of an idiot I am. Expose my fallacies, discredit my sources, question my bias, laugh at my penis size, pretty much anything you want. Dan Rather doesn’t have a comment page. And carefully edited letters to the editor doesn’t count. There is a reason for this.

The bottom line is, if I speakth shit then I shall be judged as shit. And no one will read or give any credit to my blog.

Anyway that is the Readers Digest version of the rant you’d get if you asked me what’s so special about blogs. Except I spray spit and my face gets really red and I start jumping up and down waving my fists in the air. You’re probably better off just reading my blog then asking me these questions.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I get really hyper when people start messing around with free speech. I believe that truth grows in sunlight and lies spread in darkness. Any thing ill that’s spoken will be exposed for the corruption that it is given time. So, I question when anyone starts trying to deny others the right to speak.

I mean I’m used to France and their little attempts to control the thoughts of their people. I figure the French people are pretty much happier in their own little world so lets not let them in on the Joke.

San Francisco is our next stop, They’re not just happy registering your guns now they want your tongues. EEEEEEWWWWWW

And now CANADA. Oh mighty protector of our northern border. Our dearest ally. Homeland of Gordon Lightfoot. “Et Tu Eh?” <(Say that out loud it’s funny.) Canada is denying Canadian Bloggers the right to speak out against corruption in their government. Yes you can go to jail for talking about the Brault testimony. What’s the Brault testimony? Well read for yourself!!!!

I got this from Michelle Malkin…. (Sorry I always have to pause respectfully when I say her name. I think she’s living proof that God is a man and he loves Conservatives…)

On her site she has a great follow up on all that’s going on about this little issue north of our border.

So I’ll just leave you all with this link, Spread the love and all. Post it, talk about it, spread the light, illuminate the dark…




(P.S. One of the great things about blogs is that you can find a new one to read every night. Sort of like online porn. I found two new ones just following the Brault issue. Plus some old favorites I’ve not posted about before. Like Captain Ed, BoundbyGravity, and Colby Cosh.)


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