Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Woke Up this Morning...

Got your self a Gun...

Actually this morning was NPR talking about the resignations of people from Bush's campaign for working on 527's. As found here on Drudge. I wondered to myself how long it would be until someone found MoveOn and crew working for Kerry.

Not long it seems,

someone who is rapidly moving into my morning reading lineup is NZBEAR. I don't know his story yet but he seems to do more research and fact checking then the whole staff of the NEW YORK TIMES. Read his story here.

I have an essay rattling around in my head about blogs taking over the Old media's job of being the 4th Estate and what not. It's a biggie and ties into a couple others I'm working on. Maybe if I wait long enough someone else will write it for me.

Hattip COLD FURY for the guide to Da Bear.


Blogger PhantomofKrankor said...

The government media complex is not only the fourth estate, but also the fifth column. It is not suprising that one can no longer trust the mainstream media anymore--both conservative and liberal biases (CNN vs. Fox vs. NPR vs. The Washington Post vs. The New York Times vs. The Last Bastion of Free and Original Thought).

So it's blogs, you say. Blogs be the answer? I agree to a point. Although the Internet sounding boards have been around in one way or another (Gopher, Chat Rooms, BBs, NGs, etc.), they are just coming into their own as viable competitors with "major" media sources. I would caution anyone to put his/her full trust in them--remember how BBs were used to post inaccurate information to inflate or destroy the price of stocks at the turn of the millenium.

With that said, I do believe that Blogs can stand on their own as venues for the rational contrarians of the apologists of the collective conscious (the rusult of the public thought fed by the major media outlets). Blogs like yours, for example, that allow freedom to post both sides of the fence.

I should say to all readers that I know the meiji_man so all could construe my comments about this blog as biased. Let me assure you all that meiji_man is well read, likes to argue and is open to all sides. One thing he does not tolerate is a fact deficient point of view. If you post one, be ready for a verbal spanking.

That said, enjoy your damn blog experience, ya scum.

The Phantom

4:44 PM  

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