Monday, August 23, 2004

Starting on our Search for Content.

The Posting below was a short little ditty I started a while back. I had recently come back from a yuppie bar watching Plastic Women chasing Plastic Men and was in a snit. Take that night; add in a six-pack, some self-pity and a personal Philosophy that states that some people are only alive today because Saber-tooth Tigers are extinct, and you get that story.

To the Right you’ll see I’ve made some modifications to the sidebar. First Addition is my favorite Blogs, in no particular order. More will be added as time goes by, but as of right now these are the ones I hit every day.
The list is messy right now because I’m having problems with the HTML action behind the scenes. If I try and get one per line, it screws it up and starts adding extra characters. Don’t ask me why, I’m not much of a computer guy.

A Brief Review of the Blogs.
First Off we have USS CLUELESS by Steven Den Beste. If you ever heard of some idea and think to yourself: “That probably can’t work”. Search his site to see if he’s written on it. Well written and fun to read you WILL wind up learning something. I spent a week going through every single page I could get on that site and my brain grew by 2 hat sizes. Satisfaction guaranteed. My girlfriend is Much happier now! I no longer have to feel ashamed at the gym knowing people are looking at my small head. Thanks Mr. Den Beste!!!
He’s been on Hiatus for a while; I check back everyday waiting for my new fix.

Next we have EJECT EJECT EJECT by Bill Whittle. Pilot and Bard the man is a Master of the Gut Punch. That magical feeling when the author waits to the last few lines to really lay it on you. But you never saw it coming because you were too caught up reading the story. It’s called a Gut Punch because when it hits all you can make is a gasping sob sound. Don’t believe me? Try COURAGE to start.
Also been off for a while, Posts Bi-weekly or so.

ANDREW SULLIVAN was my first. And that’s a very loaded statement. A Gay Catholic Conservative, his writings on the Church and current events are striking. Yet another blogger who’s taken August off, but he always does that. Go and read his published essays. He’s the only one I have up that’s actually a real writer. (That I know of.)He’s been slipping off the left side of the charts since Bush started supporting the FMA. But he was loosing his support for Bush back when the deficit started growing.

Michael Gene Hendrix runs COLD FURY. He’s a musician and badass out of North Carolina. He’s about Cars, Women, Motorcycles and generally kicks ass. His rants on politics are great. He doesn’t talk a lot about himself, which is rare in the Blogosphere. If I had to pass out awards I’d give him the Bukowski Medal of Honor. His format is pretty much the way I see this blog winding up, A lot of posting, mostly referencing other blogs or articles on the Web, with color commentary. I did however, like his blog better when he had the Pinups on it.

PHANTOM OF CRANK WHORE is the last on the list. It’s new, very new, and was started by a guy I work with who wanted to comment on my blog. I don’t know how much info he wants out on the web, or if he’s even going to start really posting. But he is my first ever comment so I’ll put his blog up and leave his name off. I’m hoping he starts movie or book reviews. A topic of much of our smoke breaks at work.


Blogger Bradley said...

I found your blog last night, have to say, it's good stuff. I've been spreading you around. Take care, keep up the good fight.


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