Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jackson trial

A couple of things before the Jackson Trial Lets out.

One: I think he's Guilty. Based upon the history of previous allegations, I think if he did not have a problem, his handlers would have reigned him in by now and told him to quit having kids over. Then there is the porn and other evidence seized at the Ranch. I think with out the testimony of the kid there would still be enough there for at least a conviction on conspiracy.

Two: He's Gonna walk. And this is the part that gets me. Take a look at the Jury. Notice how many people on the jury have ties to the Ranch. This reflects poor jury selection on someone's part. Either the defense or the prosecutor. The defense has done a good job of discrediting the witness and there is always the defense's Ace in the hole of reasonable doubt.

This brings me to some thing I really dislike about the American Legal system. That problem is that the richer you are the more you can get away with. If this had been Chester the Molester living in a trailer and having kids over and these allegations had come out, it'd be a slam-dunk case. Whether or not the man was innocent or not. But this is a Media Elite, and they're not treated as we are. They can Hire specialists, witnesses, attorneys, some times bring in more firepower then a local DA can bring. All to get their guy off the hook.

If O.J. had been a poor man, he'd have been executed by now. The guy from Beretta would be in Jail and that Kennedy guy would probably just be getting out after his rape charge. But this is America where you are guaranteed the best defence your money can buy.

In some cases, your defense can be help buy people collecting money for you. The Case of Sgt. Patrick Haab, who allegedly was almost jumped by a bunch of illegals down on the border. He drew his gun and held them until the cops showed up. I thought this guy was toast, but after a defense fund was started, the local DA backed off. I think it was a combination of public support and the fact that bail had been posted by a anonymous supported that caused the DA to back off, not the facts of the case. If it had gone to trial, it would have been a circus.

So how do we fix this broke system? I suggest this. Disallow private defense attorneys. All defenses will be handled by a Public defender. This insures a fair level of competency across the spectrum when it comes to individuals being charged with crimes.

I also would like to see a change in the professional witness programs. Where I can hire a DNA or other expert to fly out and dispute the findings of the prosecution's witnesses. These professionals are simply priced to high for a average defendant to be able to use one in his defense. But, if there was a neutral third body, that simply gathered and supplied the evidence, and gave testimony to that. Then you would have a better chance of receiving a fair equitable trial.

This is all just a thinking out loud essay; I just wanted to get in on paper before the Jackson Case lets out. I have not really been following it and I am more interested in the effects of the case then the results.


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